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New Wireteknik Swaging Machine

New Wireteknik Swaging Machine

by Georgia Monk General News Company News


CB Rigging have recently purchased a new Wire Teknik swaging machine. We can now swage wires from 2mm to 10mm.

Typical applications: 

– Standing rigging and lifelines for sailboats. The Swedish Navy uses it for making railing.

– Architectural, like balustrades and railing.

– Scenographic use at theaters for hanging and supporting set pieces.

– Extensively used for on-site swaging of wire fall protection systems on roofs and buildings. 

– Structural rigging for hang gliders and ultra-light airplanes.

– Anchoring of weather balloons.

– Oceanographers uses it for swaging winch wire ropes for their surveying instruments.

– Lifting strops for fuel rods at nuclear power plants.

– Structural rigging for sail-roofs and sail-shades.