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Standing Rigging

In-house swaging

At CB Rigging we have in-house swaging from 2mm to 8mm for rigging for most yachts up to about 40ft in length. Having worked in the industry for 38 years, my record of yacht spars/rigging is second to none. We can also supply rigging over long and supply Sta Lok self fit rigging screws for fitting on site, this works well if it's a new mast and you do not know rigging lengths. I can also offer a mobile swaging service for wires up to 6mm.

Different types

Beneteau, Colvic, Contessa, Dehler, Cobra, Elizabethan, Dufour, Feeling, Gibsea, Hunter, Hurley, Jeanneau, Macwester, Kelt, Roberts, Rival, Sadler, Snapdragon, Sabre, Trapper, UFO, Oyster, Moody, Westerly and many more.


If you have a boat that needs re-rigging just drop me an email. I can quote with or without rigging screws. If you go for the rigging screw option I only supply Sta-Lok, not the cheapest but in my opinion the best!

Guard Wires
Sailing School and Rigging can supply guard wires using 4 or 5mm 1 x 19 wire rope or plastic coated wire.
The standard set up is a swaged fork one end with either a swaged stud and eye, swaged pelican hook or swaged closed body rigging screw.
All I need to know is the total pin to pin length and the type of swage fittings required.

Rig checks

Rig checks free of charge for local sailors, or get a group together for me to look at a number of yachts on the same day. A detailed report will be given. Mast, boom and spinnaker poles, guard wires can be checked along with standing and running rigging.